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Justin Zaruba has been writing stories since he was a child. He received terrible grades in English in high school, then graduated with honors from the graduate creative writing program at the University of Kansas. His masters thesis - Penelope Salvo and Impossible Red - was his first published novel. He currently resides in Lawrence, Kansas and drinks a lot, even for an Italian.

The Penelope Salvo adventure series is an eight book epic with one major goal: to focus on a female protagonist with emotional depth, charm, and a witty sense of humor as we watch her adjust to adulthood. She is going to have to learn that her powder-keg anger issues cause more problems than they solve, and somehow learn to cope with the abandonment issues she feels towards the father that walked out on her when she was twelve.

The series celebrates a variety of world religions, cultures, and languages. Tibetan monks, Voodoo spirits, and time traveling robots abound!