The Penelope Salvo adventure series is a magical reality/comedy that follows our foul-mouthed, emotionally unstable punk rock heroine as she uses her new supernatural powers as the artificial god of war to save the world in the most chaotic ways possible. Each book in the series follows one year of her life as her growth into adulthood is complicated by the mythological, technological, and fantastic forces out to further their own devious agendas.

Penelope Salvo and Impossible Red


Teenage punk and underachiever, Penelope Salvo, finds herself days away from living on the streets of New York City. Desperate for a way to survive, she responds to a vague help-wanted ad in the Village Voice that leads her to the dark alleys of Chinatown. There, she finds a long forgotten flower shop and a room to live in. But the longer she lives in the shop, the more strange and mysterious things seem to happen. Eventually she comes to discover a supernatural world that exists in the shadows of the Big Apple.

Penelope unwittingly becomes the target of a Voodoo spirit's affections, partners up with a 1998 Toyota Corolla who can talk and fly, and she befriends a pair of fairy tale princesses cut off from their fantasy world and trapped in the Bronx. The more she learns about this strange new world, the more things point to the Westland Corporation and their plot to change the Earth and fulfill their evil agenda.

Penelope Salvo and Untouchable Orange


A year has passed since Penelope gained the powers of Impossible Red. After traveling the world for the specimens necessary to rebuild her flower shop, it started to look like her life might return to normal when she discovers the Westland Corporation is back and keeping a very close eye on her. The question "Why?" leads her to discover traitors in the mysterious shadow organization, traitors that might be more dangerous than the Westland Corporation itself.

As Penelope and a naive Westland agent, Theodore, search for answers, they reveal a far more sinister plot that threatens not only the Westland Corporation, but the very Earth itself as the armies of Hell prepare for their inevitable release.

Penelope Salvo and Unknowable Yellow


Penelope has spent the last year trying to find a way off Earth and down into the depth of Hell, but every one of her attempts have been thwarted by the archangels Metatron and Zophiel. The heavenly hosts have run out of patience and warn Penelope, one more attempt to break the boundaries between worlds will come with serious consequences.

But when has Penelope Salvo ever listened to the rules?

Unknowable Yellow sees Penelope partner up with an old Voodoo enemy as she navigates the magical and technological worlds that separate Earth from Hell. But can she reach her destination before the archangels catch up to her and make good on their promise to deliver swift, glorious justice?